I cannot play I d epic dungeon. Even after a week


I haven’t been able to play in epic dungeon Even after a week. I’ve spent thousands on this game.


Disposable income for the win.
Submitted a ticket to support yet?

Silly question, given you’ve spent “thousands” (if we still had lire as a currency I could make a joke here, but to be faiiiir you haven’t specified thousands of what…)
But… You do have some orange rarity or higher heroes , yes?


If you died in the epic dungeon…

You have to restart it with that button at the bottom.

Other than those two things, it’s a ticket to support.


Once that’s sorted…
Go find a guild with people that will help you when you’re stuck.


Happened to me before, had to reset dungeon


I always wonder how you get from this

to this