I can't access my server 10 account

after the update yesterday I lost access to my server 10 account completely… Is there any way I can cancel account consolidation and get my account back? I am in a top guild on server 10 and badly need to get back on my server 10… One of my friends also noticed that I did not get the team level boost… Is there any way I can get my account back and still get the free boosts?
Please help

I’m sorry, but the account consolidation requests can’t be undone.

@Polaris are you sure nothing can be done? I didn’t even request consolidation someone must have gotten my account IDs somehow… Is there really no way to get it back? I need it back im in a top guild and am required to be active… I also need those boosts

Did someone somehow hack your forum account too?

Dang that’s some bad luck you’re having


Am I still able to merge my accounts? @Polaris

The deadline to request a consolidation with a server 10 account has passed.

We will also allow for multiple Server 8 accounts to be consolidated, freeze requests will not be required in this case

  • You’ll be able to request consolidation of Server 8 accounts during the 2 weeks following the completion of the merge. These will be open until 10 AM CT on Monday, July 13.
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So s8 accounts are currently unable to be merged

No, not yet. You need to wait until the end of the month.

Like all the other merges, they’ll be done after the servers are merged.

The only reason S10 accounts needed to frozen, is cos of all the free catch up stuffs for people that are bringing their account over without merging.

Like they did in S3 merge.
Because we were so far behind too.

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