I didnt receive my free diamonds for 2 games i played in "get more diamonds"


Ive playes popslots and slotsmanis to level 20 on each as ive playes other games and downloaded apps, surveys and never had a problem, its really annoying as its thousands altogether im now owed 2 x 585 for each game, i even paid cash to buy couns to get to level 20 on the slot games, ive messaged the companies and had one automatic reply from one days ago, 4days, and no reply from other, they took 3 to 4days to complete! I just want my diamonds !?
Thanks, sheena


You need to send a ticket to the company you got the deal from. Whether this is Fyber or Tapjoy or whoever does them now.


Sorry to say, but PB can’t help with that because they doesn’t have anything to do with the site that provides the consumer the X amount of diamonds, only way to do it is to message the site owners in their support and wait for a response


Yes ive done so, ie raised ticket… ill continue to wait… only played for approx 60days, just got to level 90… really wanted to get another couple 75 stamina packs and 500 raid tickets for 1125 diamonds… i just didnt think pq could help but thought no harm in trying for any extra hints or tips to help. So, thanks guys! :blush:


If you haven’t, respond to the emails with screenshots of your meeting the requirements.


How long have you waited?

and they’ll ask for screenshot proof, of the task completed and verification that is it you who completed it and not just a screenshot from google


Yeah ive done the tickets they saying i must not have met requirements but ive been doing these ages and know what i needed, ive sent proof ie screen shot showing my picture top left and name …
Thank you!