I have a question

I want to know if it is possible to migrate my account from server 9 to server 1? Because I have two accounts on the same server and it’s a bit tedious for me.

No, you can’t
you have to wait till both of those server merges to do it
and that will not happen for some years

Why did da upgrade downgrade my power. I went from 22,000 all da way down to like18 sumthang thousand. I worked to hard to get power lvl that high, jus for u guys to rob me for it. I am not like most of your players, I actually spend money on this game. Please replace my all my power. From a loyal player and active costume.


You weren’t “robbed”, your power was broken
It has been explained in other topics

There were a glitch which has been fixed now, that showed the heroes had max power (thus why your power didn’t increase when you skilled them up)

It was a bug which made your heroes look like they were fully maxed even though they weren’t
So no, you didn’t work hard to get it so “high”.

Everyones power went down on all servers, not just you

A harmless bug


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