I lost my war points game cheated


I lost my war points while in a guild war match my phone just cut off what do i do


Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do. War disconnects become flees and you lose the points and your heroes for that battle, even though you technically didn’t fight it. Each war gives you a maximum of 2 flees, whether by a disconnect or choosing to force close the game due to an ugly loss. After that, any disconnect during war results in the dreaded red flee, a fully charged line at full health with no minion wave.

Sorry for your disconnect, it’s very frustrating when that happens. Hope this information is helpful.


You forgot to add…

Thanks for playing


I’m auditioning for a cs role. Thanks for the input. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually, someone made the potentially valid assertion that people don’t talk here much because the responses are usually snarky. So I was trying to be less snarky, more helpful. I feel like it still reads sarcastic though. I might be better at snark.



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