I need crystal honor link tutorial please


Anyone a good person give me link crystal and honor link for learn please? And thanks


Ask the fluffy Cottontail

He always have a great video


Or ask me

I can probably give you some advice on turtles


I like turtles
We all muddled through crystals and made mistakes and cost extra shards, and we don’t know you from Adam and you want to just be spoonfed all the answers even though we aren’t in your guild?




RED - If you want to hit harder
BLUE - If you want to live longer
PURPLE - If you want to be giggled at.


If in doubt, guardian
If in doubt, spellward

Warlock or warlord …
Go look at the wiki that Alice is maintaining.
Look at the blue skill cooldown.

If it’s short times, use the one that buffs on blue skill.
If it’s long times , use the one that doesn’t.

When your guild wars against a big guild, click on their defences .
If all the opponent’s have the same honour on a hero…
Use that.