I need help I lost everything


I need help I lost everything I had I spent like almost 50$ and then lost everything. I had a bunch of hero’s and quite a bit of gold and diamonds. Please message back if you can help. I don’t want all the money I put into this to go to waste.


At the bottom of the page is a help button.

What was your server / guild / name etc?
Did you have it linked to any email Facebook or Google / apple?

Have you tried pressing the accounts button, in the in game menu (after clicking on your face in the top left corner?)


P.s. they’ve been on holiday since before Christmas.
They aren’t back until January 7th

There will be a lot of people in the queue before you.
Unless you saved your progress to a recovery method, it’s going to be a while


Thanks for letting me know. Also I did bind the account with my Game Center account but every time I click account recovery it doesn’t show up. But for real thanks for letting me know.


As I say, if you supply them with all the information you can (game center id, guild, name, level etc) they should be able to reunite you.

After the holidays sadly