I need some help


Can anyone think of a good defense line for war, arena, and tournament.



Ginger wander hex hermit pp

From what you have there.
But there’s a lot of people you should be levelling.
Need to get in dungeon for pony and scion stat.

Then that line can become brawler wander scion hex Pony.

That’s the fastest way to a “decent” line.



  1. Ginger squire mass Fox punk (replace mass with grave wrath, and squire with claw when you can)

  2. Warblade swash pp hermit binder (replace binder with Dragon when you can, maybe warblade with light warden)

  3. anyone wander anyone hex anyone
    (Replace anyone with brawler scion and pony when you can)

These are interim lines, while you wait for new heroes, build new ones, and go play that dungeon when they fix the speed tomorrow please :slight_smile:

Did that help?


Please, people of pq, can you do any better?

(Given what is there to start with…
No point saying maiden wander oasis bowman pony!)


Server 8 btw so we dont have some


Part of the fun is figuring it out yourself. Look at the teams other people are using and try to understand why they’re effective.


I’d use Ginger and lw, with rogue, hex and pp, but that’s just me, and it’s been a while since I’ve had to work with older heroes.


A little light on support heroes, but it would certainly hold the front line, while the back line charges and sprays death :slight_smile:


I was a damage lover when I was newb, lol


Im from server 1…wander ew gross…best line is ginger claw scion hex pony.


It’s not.

I never used to see the benefit of wander.
Or binder for that matter.

Like others in this thread, I was all about power and damage when I was a noob.

Wander speeds up all your heroes, so they move and hit faster.
Wait until she gets her epic skill lol.

As others have said, do it your own way, and learn from your mistakes.

The second I swapped my front line from brawler claw, to brawler wander, I have never looked back.

Moved on to shield maiden and wander woman now.

Imagine that.
A front line with no attacking heroes.
I clear blockbuster crusade with it :wink:


The support heroes really help! :slight_smile:


Mine is HC,SB,PP,AS,and MS (first 2 is Frontline,and so on