I spend 1350 diamonds to 5 dragon heir's dungeon chests


i spend 1350 diamonds to 5 dragon heir’s dungeon chests,and then i get 1 double dungeon items and nothing else should there not be at least 4 other items?? this is just bieng ripped off by you i use so many money on your game and this is the thanks i get for doing so,i am very dissapointet and i am sory if i am not spelling right i am from denmark.i hope to get the rest i am owned for that bought !


Best is to always make a screenshot & send it to support (in game) if you see anything that shouldn’t be…
There should be 4 other items, like you said, if you purchased the buy 5 option, so this should be a bug…


Tag et skærmbilled og send det til PerBlue
Hvis du mener der er sket en fejl

Er du 100% sikker på at du trykkede 5x og ikke 1x i kisterne
Jeg har aldrig mødt sådan et problem og jeg har åbnede over 10k kister.
Men den her “Discourse / forum” kan ikke hjælpe meget
Kun PerBlue hvis man giver dem et bevis på en fejl i systemet


Each chest gave you 20% of the item. Math :grin:


The same thing happened to me today. Idk why. And I actually hit the “buy 5” button (ugh I hate when I do that). There’s no point in putting in a ticket cuz with no screenshot, no foul, ya know? Sooo annoying


Please do put in a ticket. We can look at the logs and see how much you spent, and what you were rewarded. If you report things, we can fix them faster.


We found the bug and it will be fixed for future chests. We’ll be refunding diamonds tomorrow for people who did the buy 5x - just waiting to get the data.


What about the 50 I bought?

Disclaimer: no. No I didn’t


We keep logs…


You did see the disclaimer, yes?


Yes. :smiley:


Jeg har sendt en mail men jeg spillede på mobilen så ikke nogen screenshot men har ikke hørt noget fra dem endnu?


Sounds good but there is a lot of flaws obviusly when i pressed like to this note it was the girls avatar there came up? :grinning: