I think changing Princess Portal to Finesse was a mistake

So, wonderful stories aside, it seems as though the real reason behind changing her aspect was to make it so there was more of a choice when it came to the top mage tower buff.

This change makes sense on its face, but also seems very short-sighted with regard to the state of the rest of the heroes. What do I mean by that?

Well, here are the let’s call them “good” or “useable” heroes by aspect:


  • Grizzled Hunter - good!

You could maaaaaaaybe argue for Punk … but you never see Punk used in War on A teams and you never see him in Arena. So I’m saying no.


  • Princess Portal

  • Nightstalker

  • Spelllbinder

  • Satyr Fox

You could maaaaaaaybe argue for Highwayman based solely on the fact that he buffs Fury, but you never see him in wars or on Arena teams. So I’m saying no.


  • Hermit

  • Hex

  • Void

Some might argue against Void, but I think he belongs as a useful hero.

So where does that leave us? There are 4 Finesse, 3 Focus and … 1 Fury backliners? This leads to a serious imbalance in the aspect triangle.

Especially since that one Fury backliner is very susceptible to being eaten alive by Night’s blue. 1-shots galore! On top of that, Ginger and Hermit are both useful (buffing Finesse and Focus), but Highwayman is not very good. Which is just one more disadvantage for Fury.


It also doesn’t help that the majority of new heroes have been frontline dps/tanks. Even if an argument is made for mystic punk it doesn’t change the fact that Grizzled Hunter is, as of right now, the only relevant fury hero who is backline and is classified as a damage dealer. The other being willow druid, who barely even exists in this game.


Even with the latest nerf to her, she is still OP in my opinion…
heroes melt to her…

I think PerBlue is aware of these imbalances, but just prioritised making the top mage tower buff something you actually need to think about above balancing the (backline) aspects.

It would’ve been better if they changed a front line hero.

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Or make Mass destruction an attacker with suitable changes to stats for the same! Support role doesn’t suit his name :slight_smile:


Yes, people said Portal Princess needed a nerf, not an Aspect change. This basically broke all my best teams. Way too ruin something that touches every single game mode in order to make a Mage Tower choice relevant. Switch her back already!

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Yeh I noticed this when making my tournament teams. Whilst there’s lots of usable frontline heroes there’s very few backlines that were good enough to use. Plus now all my teams have too many finesse heroes and too few fury.
I’m hoping they add some more fury damage backlines to wven things out again and widen our choices.

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Second and Third order effects must be well thought out before changes are made. Instead of giving more Mage options, the update effectively changed the only Mage option to Finesse. PP isn’t OP necessarily, she was the only Fury option in what would appear to be a Finesse world. That means there are many counters for her. Basically, the move made the game have less depth instead of more.


I agree with @Sticker_Warchief that as it stands now the only good fury hero is Grizzled hunter.
Portal princes is still a key in my main line up, but I would’ve rather kept her as fury. It’s weakened my team for sure, strategy wise.

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For me princess is dual aspect… her portrait colour indicates she is still fury

Her failure to kill Focus backliners, which I absolutely built my teams around, indicates that she is not Fury at all… Also the fact that dual aspect is not a thing in this game, so she’s not dual aspect for anyone, including you. Please, rejoin our reality before you offer comment on it again.


Lol she isn’t dual aspect. They forgot to update her avatar color. She is most certainly a finesse hero now.

So why does she still field in a fury lineup in trials ??

I have a feeling it’s a bug or miscoding. When I use her for that it invalidates my fight and tells me to battle again only using fury heroes. So the system recognizes she isn’t one but only after a trial fight in my experience. Send in a ticket and see what happens.

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Just want to reiterate how unbalanced the game is towards Focus heroes now. Every team is suddenly 3 Focus heroes deep because there’s no good way to kill the backliners. Nobody asked for this. Switch it back already.


Guess their solution will be:

Let’s release a new hero only for gold chests that
is backliner, fury and op.

Honestly … I’m starting to lose my trust in PB too, things on DS where managed a bit better.

Cookie no need for a ticket… Perblue changing pp portait to blue at update so all should be resolved…


Also where are the decent fury’s… Should make mass into a better hero as currently he is useless to me. Turn him to attack instead

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Adding my opinion to the masses: PP’s change was a mistake. The aspects of the viable heroes are seriously imbalanced.

Add 1 or 2 fury backliners that aren’t terrible please :<

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