How are new icons/boarders/heroes decided on?

Does PB just decide what we get or can we come together with some cool ideas as a community?

If the latter can we come up with some cool suggestions to let PB know what it’s players want?

For me.
Actual emotes/expressions but for in game icon format.
Seasonal smilies
And maybe cars/bikes

Maybe external fire/flames, water dripping, acid/ poison. Burnout tires
Possibly animated boarders?

Cosmic/asteral being made up of stars like a mini galaxy, similar to void casters face but whole body… or like algalon in world of warcraft.

Just what I came up with of top of my head.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

Normally PB just make them from their own ideas
So idk, if they take suggestions, but perhaps they will see this and think about it

Animated borders would be cool.
But I also know a lot of people whose phone cannot handle the animation.
Can already see people complaining about lag issues.

Like the idea, but won’t benefit the community unfortunately

But your borders and stamps would probably be implemented into the game someday definitely

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Yeah I’m one who suffers from Lagg. Pretty bad on s8… but fine on s9 and other servers.

Animations still worth a try even given the option to remove Animations to free up potential Lagg issues.
A gfx setting comes to mind…

Anyways I know it won’t help the main game. It was more of an attempt to bring forum community together for ideas.
Seems forum has been lacking somewhat with community events and such.
I wonder if PB has just swept us under the carpet for now.
Seems pretty quiet now days

Forum isn’t what it has been used to be.

But they slowly shifted closer to suggestions on discord.
(There even is a discord channel called “suggestions”)

So, yeah, they mostly look at discord.
But they still look at forum from time to time, but not as much as they used to

I’m not really adept with discord. If possible could you post the link to group? Or is it a case of just searching portal quest?

Sorry, not allowed to

It’s only for leaders from the top 50 guilds on all server, which will get an invite in their mailbox.
But if your guild is top 50 and your leader doesn’t represent it, you can.

There is an “alumni” rank for people with special reasons to be there
But I don’t remember what you have to do, to get it.

Check if your leader is in it, if not, then there’s your chance

I knew there was one for top leaders. Not sure if mine is in it. And don’t like to undermine I can speak with him and check.

Also. Can I ask what constitutes a top guild? Is it power/stars/war? And so forth. Because we’re definitely in top 15 whatever way u cut it

Not 100% which way they mean.
But if your guild is top 50 on all of them, then that’s pretty good.
But 15 is definitely accepted

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