Idea for a new Boss Dungeon

So, in the last year or so stamina packs have become insanely important to the game. They allow for quick leveling, help to compete in contests and unlock progression rewards, earn hero shards and gear, complete Portal Lords quests, and just bring about a warm fuzzy feeling when one has a few thousand in their inventory. But unfortunately, as of late, I believe they’ve become harder to obtain in game via diamond purchases. The stamina for diamond deals used to be somewhat steady, but with the new diamond shop (which is honestly great btw) the stamina packs for diamonds appears to be randomly generated. This makes stockpiling stamina packs more difficult then ever.
So here’s my idea.

A Stamina Boss Dungeon where instead of receiving hero shards, we receive stamina pack consumables when beating a boss. The dungeon will still costs boss keys and torches so everyone will still be limited to how much dungeon-ing they can do and how much they can earn. Earning a single stamina pack per boss victory has the potential to add up to some decent numbers over several weeks of dungeon-ing. And if 1 full pack is too much, you could creat a half pack, or a third of a pack. Or just give out a stamina pack for the last boss battle, there’s alot of possibilities. This is more beneficial to PB then just adding a daily quest that rewards stamina or increasing the stamina deals as its basically exchanging two consumables for one via play time.

Campaign stamina is the life blood of this game. It allows us players, both f2p and p2w to do what we all want to do, and that is to play Portal Quest more often, and to reap the rewards from that extra playing time. More “free” in game stamina packs means more happy players.

I know that there’s an economic balance to all of this, that you need players to keep buying stamina so PB can keep the lights on. And that you cant give everything away for free. But adding a Stamina Boss Dungeon isn’t giving it away. The dungeon, as mentioned, will still need keys and torches. Also, one will be playing regular dungeon more often to get the boss keys, so their torch use rate will increase and that should help balance out how many “free” stamina packs everyone can earn. Plus, if someone uses more keys and torches, there’s the potential for more people buying torch and key sales.

I really believe that creating a Stamina Boss Dungeon is a good way to help everybody.
I also realize that while I need more stamina packs, someone else could need raid tickets or double drops, so you could even rotate multiple consumables or make it a daily choice, like stamina packs on mondays, raid tickets on Tuesdays ect… there’s alot of possibilities.


I like that idea :ok_hand:

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I’ve suggested similar to this multiple times on threads and I believe I made a thread about having a 4th dungeon boss possibly guild based raid boss that offers such rewards.
Suggestions are great but I’ve learned they tend to fall on deaf ears at times.

A new method to gain a much needed resource via work/input would spark a bit.of life into the game.
Spending is key to the business but expectations are too High currently.
I agree and support what you said whether someone listens is another story.

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Great idea :+1:

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Another idea for a new Dungeon (Boss or a separate mode) would be a dungeon where all the chests contain scraps or shards needed for the heroes you brought into the dungeon. The boss on each floor (or just the final boss) could drop a full item needed for crafting (for example, if one hero in your team needs the Necronomicado and you have the scroll but need the Poisoned Darts, the boss could drop the Poisoned Darts or Necronomicado itself but not the scroll).

While it’s not a stamina drop, it would still help with the high stamina cost of crafting items. You can receive a lot of items while running the existing dungeon modes, but they’re often things you do not need or they only drop on certain floors. That forces you to reset the dungeon if you want to search for specific items.

For your specific suggestion, New War and Portal Lords drop stamina itself, so instead of dropping stam packs in the Boss Dungeon, it could drop stamina itself for players to bank for contests or spend right away.