Idea for influence

It’s hard out here for a… leader… lol
Just a suggestion… influence is hard to spend once the guild perks and the store are full…

Why not added a few features like we can buy weekly shard bonuses for the entire guild… say extra finesse or fury shards…or class bonuses… Or something like we can buy a 2 mill perk weekly to give members diamonds or gold when they sign in daily… Or weekly… more days you sign in the better the rewards at the end of the week

Also spend it weekly buying extra defenses in war like 1million influence for quicksand or other effects…
Just saying we need better ways to spend influence


Need to make the game a little more understanding like some notes me i just keep going trying to figure things out then my stamina runs out then i cant get anymore then i have to leave game and the skills part u should b able to level up any time n not have to wait 5 min before u can level up another hero

Mobile games in a nutshell.

Don’t like the timers?
Spend real money, and they go away…

Those systems aren’t going anywhere :frowning:

As for understanding the game, get a better guild or make some better friends in game.
On servers 1 or 8, look for a Mici.
They can be quite helpful (if a little sarcastic at times…)

Guild shop is a great influence burning oven if you ever need it. Takes less than a minute ti get rid of 5 mil influence


Fixed it for you

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I mean better ways to spend influence the shop even tho we buy is always full… I’m saying add more sections like for war perk bonuses or like 1miillion influence for super gold bonuses or Stamina … for the whole guild instead of paying 4.99 to gift your guild we can (also) use influence to give members (say 4 hours stamina boost) or a few Mill and 0 stamina costs for 2 to 4 hours… Something lol I’m just suggesting things might give them an idea or3

I’m Spankz leader of gravy train on S8

Ideas for influence…
Still none are implemented.

Pesky devs


Take my likes…