idea for planning the guild war


I think that the leaders and commanders should be able to see the heroes of the guild members would be easier to plan if you know how the heroes of the members are equipped


Would be nice to see an overview such as in war defenses showing icons and also if a hero is available for attack (ie not needing refresh)


I’d like to play with 44 robots too. Who wants to communicate with other humans?:joy::joy::joy:


Communicating at that level requires both of you to be free at the same time for an extended period. That isn’t always the case when trying to plan ahead.


It really doesn’t.

Leader: “Post a screen shot of your war defences”

Guild member: “here you go.”

Leader: “how are you in the top guild on the server?”

Guild member: “I don’t know either.”

Besides, what sort of “future planning” are you trying to do?
Please don’t tell me your war leaders assign every guild member an actual line to target for each war??

If you have to babysit your players that much, you kinda need some new ones…


Having an easy way to see which heroes are available still is possible with some legwork but knowing things like which are fully levelled in skills is not. Whether you’re in a guild that gives a preferred line or not the more information available to a war planner the easier it is for them. It would remove the need to call out a specific member and wait for them to be available simply to find that they don’t have the heroes needed to take a specific line.


Oh your wars sound like hard work.