Idea - Guild Gifts payed for by influence


Something I briefly spoke about in the discord leader chat before I left it.
A guild gift shop similar to the guild perks… But rather than spending influence to purchase enhancements/buffs for War etc, you spend influence to purchase gifts for your entire guild.
Things like stam packs, gold, xp etc. Anything which all guildies could utilise really. You could even gift entire guilds torches. I dunno… Possibilities are endless.


This sounds like a great idea! Especially for guilds who are maxed out on all perks.


Incoming complaints about how this only favors top guilds and oppresses anyone who isn’t in one.


I love the idea! It benefits players a little too much for it to be implemented but I really like it ^^


Ofc you like it. Because it will increase the gap between f2p and pay to win players. Lol


Dang those people who financially support the game and hope to gain some sort of advantage!


I buy packs. And the gems and packs are the reward itself. No need to double reward players. Im vip lvl 10+

Maybe introduce another influence system for this. But lower guilds are not even close to max all perks. I dont like increasing the gap more than it is atm.


Just figured that increasing perks for War… Or obtaining much needed resources for toons etc would be equally as valuable.
Add another team to a war tower paid by influence… Or gift everyone xp and gold to level thier toons making them stronger. Seemed kinda equal in my brainz. Perhaps my brainz are mush lol


I read guild gift shop and all I thought about was PWNP Merchandise


Hmmm what kind of merchandise?
And… Partying with no Pants is on your mind?! Interesting.


I guess a full body suit but without pants and they come with different styles. Maybe some limited hero’s in your guild peoples name. And some wallets that say property of SueyJitSu.


Great idea! It’s a great way to build guild spirit. :slight_smile:


Thanks peeps. I’m glad it wasn’t a terrible idea :joy:


Sounds good even without (Like if you have a lot of new people without enough heroes to benefit from certain perks, then influence can be used to speed them up getting it, ie extra torches for pony.)


I apologise to all that now dislike the guild shop


It’s not that I dislike the guild shop per se. I dislike the prices…
But apology accepted anyway.


Oh goody :hugs: :hugs:


Your actual idea was very good.

The interpretation and implementation…
Not so much.