If you were just starting PQ today


With so many folks coming over from DS some advice from the veterans would be incredibly helpful.

If you were starting today what advice would you help you the most?

What sorts of things would you focus on?

What do you think would be the biggest pitfalls for a new player?


Getting a meta line or two that will work even as you level up and get orange / epic / red / honours

I would focus on getting up the arena / tournament ranks (so three meta lines) as quickly as possible as those rewards stack fast.

The biggest pitfall would be trying to level and gear up too many heroes , rather than picking 10 - 15 to max build first.

Also… Not realising that support heroes are ESSENTIAL.
Focussing too much on the “power rating” of heroes , or stacking your lines full of damage heroes to kill things faster will bite you in the bottom


All good stuff!
What heroes (single or paired) currently make a good backbone to such lines?
Remembering that folks won’t have Honor or even Epic right off the bat of course.


Go to DH instead

I think it’s easier there due to most of them is kids


Regarding the meta lines: you’ll want at least 1 support hero (heal/energy) in your line ups…
This will make the difference between winning and losing…
Like Mici mentioned, power isn’t everything (some of my heroes really are just boosting my power, even though I never use them)

Get Pony as soon as possible
Punk is an awesome hero
Ember OMG, I just love Ember
Serpent Energizes your heroes, curses & reduces the over all health of your enemies
Wizard Hm, he’s Wiz but not too bad (the blind isn’t bad)
Not to forget Spell Binder heals your heroes and possess 1 enemy (she’s a channel hero, so you can change her target)
Not going to write every support hero down, this just takes too long :joy:

Wander Woman is a must have :wink:

As for who to actually focus on, hmmm I always kept the heroes up to date, who where able to completely smash me before (best example is PP)

With epic the gameplay & our metas changed a lot, with red rarity it got even more interesting :smirk:

Now I’m reusing some older heroes (who were stuck at O+4 before red), like Grave Wraith (to boost my fury lines)


Some of my faves: Maiden, Knight, WW, Errant, Sword, NOOB, Dragoon, Skull (basically for cleans with Bless), Archer, Salty, Brass, PP, Bow…

  • support heroes


You know you just called Mici a male?
By saying “Like Miki mentioned”

Could be wrong, but I believe Miki is a male name :slight_smile:

Just letting you know before Mici sees it


:joy::joy::joy: thanks for that :joy:
I was too focused on the english spelling & grammar, that I didn’t realize THIS misspelling :see_no_evil:


If you need dungeon help… Just ask :sunglasses: I got bundles of helpful tips for that :innocent:


I’ve been called worse.

One line should be

wander woman plus dragon heir and sparkle pony, and experiment with the heroes others have listed.

Those three heroes are top tier all the way from purple to red.

Second line
Lion knight and wisp plus heroes from that list from other people.

Any of the heroes listed will slot into those lines well.
Some better than others.
Have fun finding out.

Sensible lines are usually made up of 2 damage heroes
With 2 support heroes.

The last hero could be any of the three types.


I’d recommend making an account on the oldest server (s1) and playing on both the newest server and the oldest server. Making an account on s11 when it’s released would also be a good move.


Pros: All of the latest heroes, ability to invest in the best heroes from the beginning, the best deals (if you plan on spending lightly or more, this is big), the (objectively) best people, the most sustainable, lots of other former DS players (ones that joined recently and ones that joined on day 1), more mature players, more players willing to give advice, cap increases won’t feel as overwhelming since you’re so far behind anyway

Cons: Large learning curve, you won’t catch up for a while (spending will allow you to catch up much more quickly)

s10 and maybe s11:

Pros: Ability to keep up with everyone else, ability to understand newly released heroes in digestible chunks

Cons: Not all of the latest heroes (older ones are boring imo), rapid level cap increases may be discouraging (cap increases are greater than they were in the past due to deals’ being better and contest rewards being greater).

This isn’t extensive, and maybe I’ll edit it as I think of stuff. You can decide which one you like best or play both. Plenty of players are on multiple servers.


I’m still at baby lvl floors, 261 to be precise :joy: dungeon has been extremely laggy for almost a year on my phone now, so I’m sometimes even skipping my daily quests :tired_face:
But it got faster over the last few updates, so maybe I’ll do a long weekend run :smirk:


I tried DH. Didn’t like it.
I was actually so bored that I put down my phone mid fight and forgot to go back.
Tried it again a few weeks later and basically the same thing. My attention just kept wandering.
I’m not sure exactly what the difference was for me. I think maybe humor?
Graphics and mechanics were good. I’m a huge Disney fan so that game should have been spot on for me but I just couldn’t get into it.


I’m really just asking pointed questions to get you fonts of information talking :slight_smile:
If you have something to share I’m all ears!


I agree, also tried DH, but didn’t like it that much.
idk probably because it’s the same game as PQ and DS, just with differen’t designs and graphics


I started with DS. Then tried DH before PQ because honestly I didn’t think I could get over the PQ graphics.
Trying PQ was a last resort. I gave it a shot because friends whose opinions I respect either had played it or were still playing and seemed to like it.
I’ve been a graphics snob in the past but it turns out that I value puny dialogue over graphics.
Learn something new every day.


OK so let’s do endless…

Endless meta

These 3 have thick skull ability.
Hermit grants energy
Spell for possession
Totem rules endless with an iron fist, can do a solo totem run if you feel brave :sunglasses:

Noteworthy second fronts
Champ, dragoon, skull, Maiden, cog, Grizz, axe, turtle
I only use goon or axe as my totem partner

Noteworthy 3rd backline
Brass, dragon, stroller, archer(shebow), warp (if finesse or fury, she’s crap at focus in endless)

Shrine perks
Vitality is priority number 1… Nothing else matters, you take vitality at every shrine it appears

Vigor is secondary, if no vitality take this

Aspect boosts (fury finesse focus) : you prioritise finesse and focus… Fury you take if none of the above are there

Only collect permanent Shrine perks. If it last a floor you are silly to take it

Noteworthy Shrine perks
Divine affinity: collect as soon as you see it (only appears once per run, gives 4 Shrine perks instead of 3)
Lock pick : get this to 40%
Sight: get to 9
Trap sense: pick this up early unless using crit key consumable (this consumable negates all traps aside from damage reduction 20%)
Reveal elixir: collect this at least twice to allow you to find all the positive Wells… Helps to avoid memory leak
Energy generation: get to 10 (older endless runs that haven’t been reset can have that as 40+ energy, not sure why Perblue removed that)

Noteworthy wells
Healing potion
Torch oil

Perks stacking should look like this

Top row
sight 9 / vitality 8810% / vigor 10855% / energy generation 10 / trap sense / divine affinity
Bottom row
Finesse 10720% / focus 10720% / fury 9040% / lock pick 40% / Torch oil is one floor item / the last 3 are speed boots, sight and X2 gear consumable, crit key doesn’t show up here but I am using one


Good help, but there might be a chance that she isn’t from s1 thus doesn’t have most of the heroes you mentioned available.

But who knows, I might have lost brain cells after reading Adam’s posts. So don’t remember if she mentioned her server


If in doubt give a shout… I have data on Endless teams since the day it opened
From floor 1 to floor 8000+
All viable teams and what floors they lose usability on.

The reason I use those heros is they are the only real group that can withstand a mass explosion and come out the other side alive :rofl:
By floor 3000 he can decimate a whole team on death


I am on Server 1 though didn’t mention it as I was hoping to help All the folks who’ve come over not just me :slight_smile:

My little car full of clowns is lucky enough to have a long term player among us to share tips. Not everyone has that going for them.