I'm getting very frustrated


I just got cheated out of my points in portal lords…I did the “scion of chaos” normal mode, completed it, didn’t even do a thing…its still at 0%…how is that possible???


Can you send a pic of the quest you’re trying to complete?


You sure you did the normal mode?
and like uStiJyeuS said, show screenshot


Pics or it didn’t happen

And yes.
Check it’s the right boss.
And the right difficulty.
Doing easy or hard when quest says normal, isn’t going to help…


That sucks. It has happened to me in PL quests. And if I send a ticket the answer is always the same…send a screenshot. But…in that case there isn’t really a screenshot to send. Frustrating. And if u wanna do another quest to get points u gotta spend 100 diamonds. Go figure. I’m with ya