I'm on the rankin contest but I only receive the 5% wtf PB FIX THAT 😤


Fix what?
What server are you in?

Oh never mind. You’re server nine

Math time…

I’m 1715.

In the top 50%

You’ll remember from the first contest thread, that we did some math then…

I’m anywhere between 26% and 49% of the server.

So… There’s between 3430 and 6860 players.
1% of that is between 34 and 68.

So… Yeah. Assuming I’m nearer the 49% mark.
Top 1% would be 34 upwards.

Nothing wrong here.
Go epic dungeon for your “missing” shards?

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Nothing to fix
Because it isn’t a bug

I would actually like to know, why you thought that you would be 1% and not 5%?
Mici already proved why it was like that

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