Important Guild War Season Information

With the upcoming Server Merge between Server 1 and Server 8, we needed to finalize some end and start dates for the Guild War Season. We had considered ending the season early, as we had done with other merges in the past. However, we feel this time it’s best for the season to end on May 31st, the original season-end date.

The new season will start on June 9th. This gives Guilds a week following the merge to sort out any Guild merges, membership changes, etc. Make sure your Guild is in queue on June 8th.

We are still planning to merge Server 1 and Server 8 next week, on June 2nd.


Does s11 war season start on June 9th also @Samm ?

Has any thought been given to when the next war season will end? If the S1/11 merge occurs the beginning of July - it seems that the current season may be extremely short (10 wars??) which likely will have only a handful of guilds able to make challenger.

Has any consideration been given to this ?

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@Polaris @Samm some clarity would be nice :wink:

@Loutre s11 war today?

Server 11’s War Season should have started today. Please submit a support tickets if there are any issues with War.

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