Improve messaging system

Problem :- I have been having problems when recruiting. When a player accepts a friend’s request, I can no longer see their current or last online appearance, unless they send an actual message to me.

Suggestion/solution :- Make the player’s details available by

e by clicking on one of the circled areas. (see attached screenshot).

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Please Note have also been made aware that the notifications for all messages don’t stay flagged until opened. That means that one has to open every friend to check if they have sent anything.

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Don’t see why that is super important to have?

Just make them send a single message back to you?
not that hard

Someone hasn’t talked to you in 80 days.

Take the hint

lol, didn’t see that but true

There are many signs showing that the person has left the game long time ago permantely

My suggestion for the communication system which is a poorly designed system for a quick easy fix without too many changes necessary would be adding an bulletin board icon to the main screen area possibly between campaign and portal lords accessable for posting only by the leader of the guild with say 3 lines or x amount of spaces …that way every member of a guild can not miss anything important and as leader youll be assured that any messages youve sent pm that the members have received and read and opened communication as if everyone is active and logs in cant be missed that communicating is required

That was just an example. The same thing is happening from minute one.
Besides that there should be an alternative coloured star so that one can easily see the friends that you are currently trying to recruit. It’s not easy when you have 100+ friends and the page keeps going back to the top.
@Pixie_Mici and Turtle

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Mark them as “favorites” star?

You can do that

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@Turtle yes I do that but I want another colour or emblem so that it is easy to tell the difference. My Guild and main friends have stars.

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