Improving rewards for war season


As I’m sure you know, season war rewards were released about 45 minutes ago. I’d like to inquire, why are these rewards so awful? We do war for so many weeks, only to get a couple gear pieces and stamina packs from 15+ chests. They are less valuable than gold chests… I know we all get some diamonds and war tokens, but so you really believe this pathetic example of a reward system is fair compensation for the duration and effort put into wars? After I collected 4th place war rewards, I had 4 large experience boons, 8 stamina packs, 10ish hero shards and some pretty irrelevant gear pieces. Why not include stickers, borders, icon colors or even skins for war prizes? I feel like you’d really promote war if the end result was worth it. I mean we don’t even get an epic scrap from war… I know that not much effort goes into rewarding your players, but can we get some war rewards that are actually worth it? It costs nothing to give away pretend digital currency… so maybe help people out? You are already impose cap raises WAY before you should, and yet, you propose no option for making up the difference. Help the game out, give better rewards and stop being so stingy.


I’ll be screenshot ring all my rewards to post here so we can really see how crap they are :joy::joy:


Missed one out… Was 8 owl shards, 3600 influence and a forgettable other thing


Such a great reward for the most time consuming aspect of the game


I dont even know where to begin… Its not something you look forward to anymore… War and season end rewards need to be spice up a bit to make it more interesting and less like work… So does tournament and fortress… And please with all the server restart, i would really appreciate if all the glitches like the twin keep disappearing in thin air and unorganized portal lords quests to be solved immediately


I didn’t even begin to mention all the terrible server bugs. Honestly, with all the negatives we’ve been experiencing lately, I think a very generous game wide gift is long overdue. Do something to show that you value your player base.


Yeah i got 20 boxes full of junk, best thing was 18 owl shards all together, and a random Portal lords with unorganized quest and probably the same bad rewards are to come. The aspects that gave us things to do are now not fun and unrewarding


War rewards (every season) have been average, and that’s being really generous. Every end of season there are complaints. Every season.
Season war rewards should be scaled a lot higher for the amount of effort needed to keep on top. Blah blah blah lots of other ways you can spin it, but that’s the simple way to say it. Currently Portal Lord rewards (even though they have thier haters too) are better than war season rewards. For the effort involved, it’s balanced.

It will not change the fact that the effort needed to keep wars going is much too time consuming for any guild to maintain. But perhaps that’s its purpose. To burn guilds out and let others take its place… Keep a rotation going. Maybe. Either way, players will continue to burn out and leave, because they’re tired of the micromanagement of AP etc to stay competitive in wars.
The big blessing of guild wars to this game, is also its curse.


I agree with this so much. I actually think a dev should join Molon and PI chats for their next war, just to see and perhaps understand the incredible amount of effort that goes into war. And we face each other weekly! Or perhaps our leader chat just this morning as we went back and forth on potential defensice strategies. The amount of time and effort put info war is insane and if I didn’t care about winning for the sake of winning, I wouldn’t care about war at all. The rewards are almost a slap in the face. But perhaps that is their actual strategy. Why give good rewards when we’ll try to rank regardless? I think it backfires though. The burn out is real and we already lost more than half the original sticker legion members once. I fear the same thing will happen with the current top guilds. Either make war less of a hassle or make the efforts worth something tangible.