Improving Warp Mage with Epic


I had a conversation recently that involved Warp Mage and sparked an idea for her epic gear.

She is unique in that she changes aspects and is very interesting to develop. Only her white skill seems to be a good target for the epic as others are support skills.

Because she switches aspects, I can see how lore-wise, the winning Portal Lord would grant her more power of that aspect, but Lords are fickle and unpredictable creatures, so what if she would gain off-aspect strenghts as the Lords are trying to “bribe” her to help them win next Gambit instead?

Suggestion (note that this is a rough draft without balancing attempt)

Epic: Shock-Ra Bolt is infused with the essence of “Winning PL” giving Warp Mage more power than ever

The idea here is that instead of making her do what ever the aspect already does only stronger, she gets power that the aspect doesn’t really have or has a little of

Red one of the common red traits is dps, but they don’t have good DoT dealers, so how about (if she’s red): Shock-Ra Bolt does 50-60% less base damage, but applies Curse (4-6 sec) and moderate-heavy bleed dmg to all targets with the base chance of success at 60/40/20/20/0% per opp hero
The base chance is increased by 10% for each adapted aspect. So vs 3 aspect teams, chance to Curse+Bleed is 90/70/50/50/30%

Green silences are not easy to come by: Shock-Ra Bolt does 30-50% base damage and has a 80/60/40/20/20% chance to silence each opposing hero for 2 sec.
One option would be to increase the duration time of silence for each adapted aspect by ie 1sec rather than chance of success.
Another option is to slow down the energy gain of opponents by 50% for 2 sec and same rate of success. Each adapting aspect could either add to the chance of success, increase the duration time of the effect or reduce the energy gain even more.

Blue has alot of status changes and buffs, but one thing they lack after PP is a good AoE dps back row. In this case we’re talking pure nuke power with Shock-Ra dealing 115-125% base dmg with epic adding even more dmg and increasing it by say 5-10% per adapted aspect.

Because her aspect changes I don’t think having her deal too much dmg as blue would make her OP and since her main epic skill is triggered manually by player, she would be very playable in other colours. And it could also affect how PL is being played with adjusting rewards if player base likes her in only one colour.