In game music from AOE2?


Is the in game music custom made? it sounds very very very much like Age of Empires 2 background music.


All of the music and sounds in the game are made by our sound engineer :slight_smile:


Oh wow! I used to play that game all the time! I’m not sure I’m hearing it quite as much as you, but I do have the aoe theme song running through my mind now…so thanks for that!:musical_note::notes::musical_note::grin:


Yeah been playing AOE 2 lately as well. so must just be in my head :wink:


I have no Music in this game :disappointed:
Music and Sound is switched in. (100%)

Huawei p9 Lite


How do I find more? I want to listen to this stuff all the time


Used to play AoE2, and I didn’t recognize the theme, weird.