In preparation for merge cannot create new accounts on server 11 8

Why is this a thread?

Per blue always close the ability to make new accounts on merging servers.

The only difference this time is there are no open servers that are not affected by the merge.

To see how many angry comments from you I can get server massive attendance daily hassle competitions buggered pl scallyblasted and all sorts of guild hopper shennagians but its to be appreciated be done to get us all fighting together on one platform xxx

Will be nice to see how the rankings look with all these players on the same server. Maybe the dungeon depth will be more interesting… yes im ignoring the fact i will never become first with this player at 69k floors :sob: and yes u find dungeon irrelevant and boring i already know ur opinion :wink:

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To be faiiiiir, @Cottontail loves the dungeon.

I would to, if I had the time to do it.
Mayyyyyybe I could try and catch up lol


What Wadda has no work around. You must be getting casual on os Wadda :rofl:

Would love to hit 40k floors … but pipe dreams be just that :joy::joy:

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