Inactive guild and leadership claiming

Curious if anyone knows how long you gotta wait as a member level to claim leadership of a guild?

The leader gave up and has been gone 30 days. No one else was ever promoted within the group since most of higher ups left. Anyone know the answer?

35 days as a regular member
-7 days per rank up

Send a ticket. Devs might be able to help you

They’ll take five days to answer.
Just wait it out :wink:

Samm will have a fortnight worth of tickets.
Including all those mis advertised deals to sort…

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Maybe just wait till they’re 35 days inactive…

Then claim leadership. It can’t be more than two or three days now.

Have patient

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I agree with pixie. I have had other issues with purchase since I like to help my fellow members in one of my other guilds. Some reason it saying certain ones can’t get these specials as a gift and others can. Be a long wait on reply from the game gods. I will just wait it out

It’s 7 days for a commander
14 for a warchieve
21 for an officer
But for veterans and lower ranks (members) maybe 30 d or more or simply they can never claim it :sweat_smile:

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28 days for a veteran.
35 days for a member.

If the guild is open and you are high enough level, you can join any dead guild and take it over.

Whether you then kick everyone else, then leave yourself to dismantle the whole thing, well that’s up to your conscience… :wink:


Good to know, Fully upgraded guild hijack :heart_eyes:

If people were silly enough to leave the door open, go have fun.

Just change the name when you’re done.

(Heck, if they don’t have many perks unlocked , kill it with fire and find another!)

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Yeah, get the active members to leave and start another guild. Kick off the cement boots and get swimming :grin:

Guess we are about to see a spate of guild culls
Publicise your greatest kills :wink:

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Ooo…that’s some naughty stuff. No wonder I like it. I could use everybody’s help now :rofl: Oh and don’t forget the active guilds full of nasty overstuffed folk along the way…that’s even more fun. Magico disappearo :wink: