Increased Season Length: November 30th - December 4th

We will double the length of each war season. The intention behind this change is to increase the quality of match ups. Elo matchmaking systems work best with a large amount of data available when matchmaking. Increasing the sample size will allow the system to have a better understanding of the true competitive levels of all active guilds. This change will allow both for more varied and more interesting wars. To compensate for the halving the number of season rewards you’d get, we will increase season rewards.


I don’t see the benefit of this, without knowing how the matchmaking works.

The gap between rewards seems a long time…
War boxes per war does seem like a good way to compensate for this


I’m definitely happiest about this. I think it will make the season more meaningful.
Does this mean cap raise and upgrading will get extended to once every 2 months also?


Can we have weekends off? I like those ends of season when we get a built in break. Or maybe a midweek day, or like every portal lords there is no war starting or ending on the friday, maybe no war period, add some kind of fun guild game that week … there needs to be some kind a break.

Also…what happens to challenger? Do we still get in after 7 wins or might that now become 10? Or 14?


Ooh agreed with the weekends off suggestion. I personally think that the 1 month season was a vast improvement over the old loooooong seasons. War seasons have little enough reward as it is, and making it longer is worse as far as game play goes. But for real. People would like at least a small break more often. Like a few days at the end of a season, or weekends off.

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The way I see it is this: if tier system goes there would be no need to extend season, if tier system stays with extension it would be pointless. Either way extending season is not so much the issue as the tier system so I would like some clarification over it before considering increased length a good chance or not.


I know I’m a little late replying to this…however the season is all ready long and rewards aren’t that great for the current lenght. I definitely don’t want to see the season length double… Is it possible for Elo to use data from previous wars seasons?

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