Influence crisis

I’m gonna say it: we have too much influence.

My guild (RealmHunters, s1, vacancies open) has max perks. Each week myself or another leader adds a ton of hero shards to the guild shop… Purely to lose some influence. This gets to the point where items have to be removed, to add more.

Without this, our members cannot earn influence - and cannot prove they are active (to an extent - this isn’t the best judge of activity, but it can be useful)

My point is, we need a way to spend influence.

So far i can only find 4 solutions - please say if you think of more:

  1. Bring in more perks. This would need to be a substantial amount to keep us occupied.

  2. Temporary booster items for influence Eg. Double EVERYONE in the guilds campaign scraps for 24 hours. This would be great for guild contests, and helps out F2P with less consumables

  3. Higher influence cap (infinite, if your codes will allow)(not the best option as we still can’t spend it, but it cures the capped out problem

  4. Make it into a honour token like currency

Thanks for reading,

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Why don’t you just look at the last active tab to measure activity/war hits/fortress?

The only thing you lose out on by sitting on capped influence is more influence. It’s totally fine to just leave it capped.

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I’m beginning to think this game doesn’t just revolve around me… :frowning:

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