Ingredients for stale biscuits needed


There is this blue item, stale biscuits, that you need for almost every gear but can only be found in a very low campaign and it doesn’t even have a high rate. I already have to spend tons of energy in orange scraps so it’ll be nice if biscuits were drop somewhere else.
I’m the only one with this problem?


If you are at orange, im surprised you have that issue. Those biscuits are plentiful in silver chests.


Next time don’t click “sell all”


Not everyone can afford to open thousands of silver chests during contests you know. As someone who doesn’t, I also tend to run low on stale biscuits scraps, pretty princess staves and pendants of taunting. Uncomfortable Pauldrons are also pretty common in high-rarity recipes. Blades of Backstabbing and Minion teeth also appear in a few recipes.


I didn’t say anything about opening thousands. Just stating that campaign isnt the only place to find them and opening a few silver might pick up a few. I was legitimately just trying to be helpful.


And not everyone has extra gold to open a few.

I don’t doubt your intentions, I just don’t think you realize where low spenders are coming from.


I’m not lucky with silver chests. I’ve already opened a couple of 100 packs and yet I’m short. You can find many things in a silver chest, but what are the chances?
I’m just saying it’d be nice if you could find some of those scraps in higher levels, because literally every time I’m leveling a hero I need to spend some time and stamina specifically in chapter 5. Other blue scraps appear in higher levels.


I understand more than you know. I have 2 additional accounts I’ve barely spent on (basically just the $3 monthly). Am still trying to skill heroes on second account because i keep running out of gold. I know the grind. Lol