Insane Gear Requirements


Best rant I’ve ever read on these forums! :joy::joy::joy:

But on a serious note, per blue NEEDS to read this


Wow even though my server is on purple + 1 right now, and I am completely caught up, I am feeling the hopelessness and hollow ooze inside as I read that wall.


There was a time when I’d encourage people to actually play this game. Sadly, it’s not the case anymore. With the endless grinding and amount of time it takes away from people, I can’t help but advise people to run while they still can.


Sadly, I have to agree.
I’m not leaving.

I have rage quit due to boss chest quest, and comments in discord leader chat.

But will be back soon.

However, I would no longer recommend this game to people when they asked what I was playing.
The grind per item, and the number of items, have taken 95% of the fun out of the game.

It’s honestly just pigheadedness and the occasional friend in chat that keeps me Here.

Gear requirements are getting too High.
Repercussions for flirting with @LoOLoO are making me sad.

All in all, the fun left.
To be Honest, it left a long time ago :frowning:


Free double drops in normal campaign within a stamina/diamond-contest. Definitely a first effect of this brillant post. Thanks for that! I totally agree!


Uh, not quite. They do that all the time and then throw out massive stamina deals to drive more sales.


The free double drops happened the day before contest. PB isn’t listening…


Well, 3 days until end of war season for s1. Im guessing the boxes will continue to have zero reflection of all the work players put into almost 2 months of play every single day. It would be appropriate for these boxes to have full gear from previous O4 and current O5 hero rank (which would help the insane grind), but i guess I shouldn’t expect this.


You know you won’t get bugger all .

Just look at portal lords prizes for end of event they were a wreck

War rewards have hardly changed since the first month of season 1 over 480 days ago

Unless every single player unites effectively and actually gives input on this forum nothing will change …
A like just won’t cut it
We need players talking about the issue and tbh all I see here are the same 25 players doing what’s right without backup from the community half the time
Yet players be quick to complain in app about such things …
That’s one of my biggest gripes. .
Players will happily pay over and over but too damn scared to challenge anything they don’t like

And that ladies and gents is how fluff sees it :wink:


Of course you shouldn’t expect this! When’s the last time you were excited by war rewards? After season 1 over a year ago I wager. We’ve complained and justified our complaints repeatedly and I think we’re all just resigned to it now. Changing rewards would be incredibly simple and yet it’s not happened. Instead the grind gets harder, the deals get more enticing, and the rewards for actual game play never change or scale to the increasing difficulty. You want nice things? You’re going to have to buy them, not earn them.


I’m kinda tired of seeing my hard-working friends upset with the war prizes and talking about quitting.

And yes, the O5 grind is ridiculous. 200 stamina items got me no where… I basically spend at least 100 stamina packs on ONE item (and that’s not one I can equip, just one used in a recipe). That’s insanely expensive.

I’m kind of tired of the “We’re doing this for the ftp!” And then a couple days later, things are updated, putting the ftp further behind.

If most of your top 20 guilds aren’t maxed out on their top 20 heroes, you shouldn’t increase the ranks of the heroes.

And as for patience? Ha…! With purple gear, yes, patience is an acceptable response, but we’re past patience at this moment. Especially when you keep changing the op hero every month. Your no-low spenders have no chance in succeeding.


None of what you said is supported by the metrics, which are infalliable.


Speaking of metrics…


Lv 119, exp, Iceberg at 0 gears equipped. I did all the gear pieces from scratch, including the first one that I already had a copy of.

And the result

Almost 4000 stam to fully gear up an o5 hero…with QUADRUPLE drops (!!). Even if we get around of 1000 stam/day with some purchases, once the drop rate reverts, we go from 4 days to 8 to 16 days and 8k - 16k stam needed per hero ranking up.

There has to be a way to at least group items better, have them drop from several other locations, including dungeon, be able to farm multiple items, have purple items we have 2k of be used, traded in, whatever.

One suggestion is to have alternate items for each slot and that they can only be bought for gems. A bit stronger than farmable items, by say, at least 50% (more hp/atk). That way you can give your spending customers a chance to be stronger than others who instead get reduced grind. And on max level spenders will have gear edge over grinders, but the grinders won’t have to be bottled up into crazy item requirements and spenders wont have to be pushed by constant and often cap- and rank raises.

Btw, this was the awesomest-est event so far. Already feeling PTSD of low drop rates kicking in tho


The whole point of these insane gear requirements was

And I quote
"To give the whales something to do"

If the people that spend, could just click a button and skip the grind there would be no point to having the grind in the first place, as it was just there to artificially extend the play time of those people that geared and levelled all their heroes in a day.

Shame about the rest of us poor saps, chipping away for eternity.
Sometimes I feel like I’m in an m c Escher painting…

Having said that, I enjoyed the quadruple campaign drop.

Those pesky all finesse lines don’t stand a chance :wink:


The quad drop was very nice :slight_smile:


Quad drop?!?! When was this?!?!


Sunday I believe. It was very nice.


Even though I was at cap, I splurged :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy: PREACH :joy::joy::joy:

I like this idea. An extra reward for the super dungeon divers. Maybe even a small reward for every 100 floors you complete would be fun.

Or maybe a new shard/ scrap that can be anything you need it to be? Defiantly tired of being rewarded 10 scraps of something that I already have +1k of :frowning:

Below is a ss of all the excess orange scraps after maxing all heros gear at +O5 and I’m sure there are players out there with more. Thousands of extra orange scraps yet I have 0 of a ton of others… mainly these…

I get that +O6 gear should build upon +O5 but with those recipes it’s almost better to just try your luck with gold chests and hope for a completed item.


Would be curious to know what the algorithm is for certain gear… as serious as you all are about PQ (I mean we’re talking Excel spreadsheets!) – I’m willing to bet that someone is crunching some serious numbers