Introducing a new hero!


In the Discord chat with PerBlue, we decided to show PerBlue how it’s done and we have developed a new dungeon boss! PerBlue has acknowledged our hero developing skills, and the new boss is probably coming in 1.10! Look forward to it! :grin:



This hero’s name is ?.

A long time ago, a whale, a flower pot, and ? were called into existence, thanks to the highly illegal use of an improbability drive. In contrast to the petunias and whale, who had a rather short lifespan, ? was impropabilitied away from its big friend the whale. When ? came across an empty dungeon, they did the only logical thing: It started killing exploring heroes for its amusement. Even now, ? is still exploring the dungeon in hopes of finding its friend the whale, unaware of the whale’s new friend…


White: Winning!
This automatically wins the fight for them!

Green: Take that lmao
All basic attacks deal splash damage to nearby enemies, and apply stun.

Blue: Death Planet
Removes three stars in total of the heroes opposing them. This effect lasts after the fight is over. If they’re gloomy, ? will eat them and add them to their own!

Purple: Oh damn
At the start of the battle, one of their enemies is possessed for the remainder of the battle, and the possessed enemy’s threat is reduced to zero.

Epic: WTH
After each 3 attacks, they heal their entire team and deal the healing done as damage to the other team.

Skill 6: The last one to go
Until all of their allies are defeated, ? will remain standing! If they’re defeated before that, they’ll get back up with 50% health (this amount is doubled each time this skill activates) and maximum threat.

Skill 7: Ultimate defeat
This randomly triggered skill sends a bunch of zeroes and ones to the enemy’s phone, causing it to overheat and explode in a rain of fire and lightning :cloud_lightning:


The hero hasn’t been finalised just yet, but you can be sure of base stats that are at least this high:

  • Base damage: 420
  • Base health: 642
  • Energy regen: 120/5 seconds
  • Attack speed: 5.5/5 seconds

We wouldn’t want this hero to be underpowered wouldn’t we? :wink:

O’Rlyeh confirmed that the hero will be added, so we can expect ? in 1.10 or 2.0! Beating them gives an 8,7% chance for one of their shards, and you need 530 shards to unlock this 6-star hero!


:+1: Ship it!!!


Still think it’s underpowered


Lol @OhRlyeh please do it.
After further thought i realized we would have to beat it in a boss dungeon to unlock it, i kinda want to see my teams get wrecked


I love the idea especially since I know where it originated from :blush::+1:

@OhRlyeh you will be our hero if you actually make it happen.


I feel like they should be able to equip a towel for gear. :joy:


Oh right, can’t forget to bring a towel!


We need XP in order to obtain new heroes. And XP doesnt grow in trees. I really hope you dont plan to launch more heroes this month or the next month.

I assume my white skill will fail against yours due to low lvl… So i dont like this skill at all.

Is there any counter skill? Surrender style? Lol


If he’s wearing a mankini then I’m all for it