Is anyone else still waiting to be consolidated

I send in my request under my other account on Monday. For a number of my accounts to be consolidated. Yesterday i could still see my request in customer service. So I wrote hi and pressed send. Wow the next minute the screen was wiped and “Hi, how can we help you?” screen appeared. I asked where my details about consolidated. Samm replied that there was some confusion about my request and did I want to consolidated down to 3 accts. I replied in short yes. But now when I go to check on any replies… Everything gone Again. Is this just me or as anyone else come across this. @Polaris help please

Try logging into the account you sent the message from.
Then closing and reopening the game.
Then opening your messages.

If you switch between accounts, then try to open the support option, it can get confused.

Thanks I did what you said and Bang it was there. Panic over I hope.

Any time :slight_smile:

No consolidation! FREEEEDOM…

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