Is normal this on portal Lord's?



Why hide guild name?

But yes, sometimes there are random big rewards

Idk why, but don’t complain about it :slight_smile:


Hide name for not problem :). And thanks for the help.


/sigh…too bad…lol, we can’t be friends…hot fixed to 175 crystals


Reward stats should be fixed now. Both the number of colors, and the amount of diamonds.


That is good. I am the owner of the account. I do not mind losing the diamonds I like to have a good health, the reason why I asked if that was normal :), have a good day


wow ;(

Why report it
Sad turtle


Lol @Turtle you’re supposed to report problems, how is getting over 5k diamonds instead of say 600 a problem exactly? My advice ask your fellow players first lol


Why would would you even question wether 5250 diamonds was normal reward or not ??? Are you nuts ??? Take them before its too late !!