Is the game down for anyone else?

I mean, seriously, what’s going on…? :wink:


The merge is coming! The merge is coming! :laughing:

Aaaaand during my lunch break… how rude! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So Excited at server 10 getting another 5 Levels! NOT!! I mean what is the actual point! Could have made it worthwhile doing. :disappointed::sleeping:

The merge is happening and war fixing

Sounds pretty worthwhile to me.

Now… Where’s the cap raise for server 1? :wink:


I’m on server 8 let’s get this party started

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Exactly my point, server 1 cap @ level 200… :thinking::neutral_face:

is the game works after update properly?

We may find out after the update :wink:

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thanks : ) I was just wondering is this a quick update or not exactly bun now I see it’s sth big tho : )

Cute little Phoenix mind. :slight_smile::wink:

It’s a merge war change and sign in hero so it could talk a while let’s hope not be it’s always up in the air when this happens any where from an hour to three just depends really how fast they work on it

thx a lot for response :blush:

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