Is the game down? S11

Is the game down? Cant login

Server 8 down too

Yes!!! Some guild did not get paired with war

That’s server 1

Yup, down for my guild too. We also did not get matched for war :roll_eyes:

Why are the servers down?
I haven’t heard of any updates although bugs have been recently reported

I know why.because of double honors!well I think

Its because some Guilds did not get matched for War. Some got matched, but their enemy has no towers in the field

Delete mohawk and all the problems go away :yum:

So is 10…probably all of them :frowning:

Well…free hero shards in recompense please!!!:joy::joy:

Server 8 down tooServer 1 down too

Game back up

I know right!! … Whyyy!! We had no warning I was msrkin towers an boom … Off !

And down again.



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I blame Bob

We had some server performance issues over the weekend. The team is looking into it!

Thank you.

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