Is there any colour rank past purple?


Is purple really the last rank colour at the moment?


Yes it is, but purple +1 will be coming next week!


Because the game is still quite new, and not that much players have reached the limit yet. The developer team is (probably) working a lot on improving the game, so hasn’t thought of game ranks going infinitely into the future.


I’m calling the color after Purple is going to be Orange.


Yellow, orange, red… Something in that part of the spectrum. Would be cool if they were original and made it pink.


In sure if they add another color it will be orange. Thats what they did in ds, but that was after purple 4. So it will probably be a bit. Another indication is there is already an orange item, the most expensive ore.


In most games that have a gear rarity setup, it starts grey (poor) and goes white (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), then orange (legendary). There usually isn’t anything after orange. If they went orange and beyond, I’d figure they will raise the level cap to 90 to spread out purple +1 & purple +2, orange & orange +1 & orange +2.


True, all of that. But it would still be funny or nice if PQ shows that the game is different from other games, by using soms random color for the rank beyond. Following the regularity, purple will probably go all the way to purple +3, and the rank beyond to +4 (or stop at the rank itself, like the max currently is purple).


Will go to P4 before Orange.


Why P4 exactly? Was that said by the devs, or is it some DS logic?
I thought W0, G1, B2, P3 would make sense…


In DS they doubled, rather than increased by 1. So, W, G, G1, B, B1, B2, P, P1, P2, P3, P4, O, O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8 … ?


That’s weird, that the team of DS thinks that 0*2=1. But at least that does make some sense :slight_smile:,
thank you.

I hope PQ manages to differentiate itself from DS.


I hope the dev keep keeps expanding the game. I would like to see more colours to promote to and maybe more skills in the future to learn. I love his game and just want more more and more! Balance is paramount. As long as balance is thought of first then i look forward to more content. More levels in campaign more co op pve with your guild, more pvp options etc


Nooo pink please! Everything but not pink! That could replace white or blue but not for endgame! :frowning:


I meant a random color :joy:

The reason I said pink is because one of my friends is totally obsessed with pink, I just think it’s cool if the game doesn’t follow the standard path to Orange.


If devs would decide on a final stage for the heroes, then it would be nice if we can set our own colors then. Sure they need something to let them get recognized as the final stage like a badge or so, but that way people can set the color individually and enjoy it even more :slight_smile:


Would be too confusing then as to what stage the heroes are on even if it’s indicated by a badge. It can’t be changeable as that would just lead to confusion.


Hey @Ralen, you’ll agree with me right? :wink:
It would be much better if it were some random color different from the standard, if your own color would be too confusing.

It’s boring if PQ becomes just a copy of DS in the tiny things like this…


I have reached level p4 can’t seem to advance past…what am I missing?


the server you’re on probably doesn’t have orange rarity heros yet.