Is there any way to block towers in war that I don't the other member's in the guild to attack? Apparently marking the towers isn't doing the trick. So of I could block the towers that I don't want attack, we could win the war fast and swiftly


People in my guild keep attacking the wrong towers and no matter how many times I demote or kick people out this keeps happening.


There is no way to block towers. Best you can do is continue to try to educate.


Thanks, there was only hope. I just don’t want to be a leader that rules with an iron fist. I want everybody to have fun but I want them to follow directions. The people in my guild who agree with me are constantly complaining to me and I just sound like a broken record, by repeating myself over and over. If I could block the towers, they would have no choice but to attack the marked towers.


I wouldn’t focus on blocking, but marking. If there was a way the leader could premark the ones not to attack, black dot, redacting, etc. or the player could have some type of MS Paint to mark it themselves in any fashion memorable.


From my experience… Give them a couple polite notices that the hit was off route… Need to hit only the marked towers
And after giving them chances… If no improvements… Well then… Replace the players is the only logical option


Thank you for trying…
Hope your new guild will be more understanding :wink:



My boot is getting itchy…

Only one thing to do



Even though we won the last 3 wars and from the first war I had people attacking wrong towers. Myself as the leader, my commanders, and war chiefs. Constantly reiterate not to attack the unmarked towers. When I think ive got it under control. Others will start attacking those towers. Wasting the points and turns on towers we don’t need. Then I get them straightened out and a couple of others do the same thing. That is the only thing in my guild we will kick you for. I give people a week before I kick em for inactivity. So I dont kick for anything than attacking wrong towers. Like I’ve said I’ve already kicked 5 people. Because everybody else is doing the right thing. Then next war the good players that did the right thing before, attack the wrong towers. Its just so frustrating. I know I’m winning the wars. But the 6 battles they won in the wrong tower couldve been used against the towers we need to attack. I even tell them, I’d rather you lose against a marked tower cause at least you are taking a chunk out of the lineup and it will be easier for the next player to take that lineup down. Just looking for other methods maybe I could use to get them all to attack the right towers.


Another method of enforcement: Uber delivered tasings… they’ll never forget that… problem solved!


I was with you till you said lose against a marked tower.

Not only no, but heck no.
Energy towers going to bite you in the ass for that one


I’ll be super honest here… I only read about possibly 10 sentences of the post. Kudos to you! @Pixie_Mici

To the person that posted this… everyone else pretty much said it. Communicate and enforce rules.


I guess im just gonna have to be an a-hole and rule with an iron fist. Now I haven’t lost any wars when they attack wrong towers. It just frustrates me and my coleaders that those points could be used to take out the towers we need to. Are they tardos that don’t understand when i write it every day under several different tabs. I even send personal messages about it also. It seems they don’t understand at all. We still won the last 3 wars with that going on. Our guild is pretty strong. We are ranked 20th in war out of 144. That’s top 10%. I want my guild to to run smoothly. Where wr arr serious about playing the game, but I want everybody to have fun. Ill keep educating, then, a warning, then they get the boot. If I have to be a harsh leader. I guess that’s what I have to do. Thanks for all the feedback everybody.


Best of luck to you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks I think I fixed my problem at least for now, lol. After kicking the ones i needed to i set to application only. Then I went to other guilds friending people and convincing them to come to my guild. Told them up front whats expected. The last war nobody attacked the wrong towers. For now we are all good. Im on server 8 guild name Dreamteam. Thanks for your help and time.


When I said lose against a marked tower, I meant that some in my guild dont have beefed up lineups yet. So if they use their lineup to take a chunk out of a lineup that they know they can’t win against, they will lose against the lineup in the marked tower. Then another weaker member can come help clean it up. While our top members are taking out the top lines.


I know that’s what you meant.

But if you attack a fresh line, then you have the minion wave to build up your energy on, so that you will have energy available for skills when you fight the actual heroes in the second wave…

If someone tries to fight a line, and loses, killing all the minions but leaving four or five heroes alive in second wave, with some energy already charged…

Then the next person to attack, walks into a pre charged line, with no energy charged up, and has to survive all the opponent’s white skills before they get a chance to start hitting.

If the opponent has chosen the bottom mage tower that gives them extra starting energy too, this line could be standing a while.
In fact a really bad one could cost you the war.

If that hasn’t happened to you yet, well it will…


I know what your talking bout. But we have strong lineups that can take it out without the minions. When you have people that can’t take out orange lineups. We need them to take out something. If they don’t donate their points its a waste for them to take out towers that dont matter. So I’d rather them take out the minions and maybe a hero or 2. Then the strong lineups can come in using less heroes to take them out.


Good luck with that approach as you get higher up the war rankings / mage towers become +40% energy boost / some of the newer heroes get here / epic skills…

Delete as appropriate lol


Glad you gave the boot. For some people, it is not about not understanding, it is because they just don’t care.


You think that’s legal since you, the leader, wouldn’t be doing the actual tasings?