°°°- - -°°° it is too quiet here


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That’s because I’m leaving

It will probably be a heck of a lot quieter around here from now on.
Well… Until @Turtle wakes up , anyway lol


Wait, you’re leaving :frowning:

True, the discourse is so empty most of the times
Even if I am here :frowning:



Just need someone to suggest a slider for selling stuff. That’ll liven it up!


We could stop Mici from leaving… we’ll need people… and a plan… and handcuffs. Lots and lots of handcuffs. The fluffy kind.



(More words)


Noooooooooooo :frowning:


I stop reposting questions that have already been asked multiple times… I swear!


Sorry @PrincessJessa
It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s funny how you can do something for so long, without realising the effect it’s having on everything else in your life.

I had a moment of clarity earlier this month.
I realised how much time I spend here and how much I let things that happen here affect my mood and everything I do in real life.

While in the past this has been a sorely needed escape from things, now it’s becoming the thing that is stopping me from getting on with the stuff I need to do.

Enjoy the silence :slight_smile:




I hearted everything except the silence part… boooo


Presumably everybody panic will move me along once I Bogart someone’s hit or don’t turn up for a keep rush one too many times, so if anyone has a guild where chat apps aren’t required , find me in game?


Its quiet here because the same 10 or so people are ever here. And if you don’t like the snide remarks and being made to feel unwelcome, ya stay away. Just mho.


Sounds legit tbh.
Just would be nice to see more of the community active on here :sunglasses:


I treat people how I find them
If you’re nice, I’m nice to you.
As several lovely ladies would attest :wink:


I was scared of Pixie, first time I joined this forum
But after some months being here with her,
I quickly learned she is


Scary <3



Maybe I should stay away.
See if more people would actually talk to fill the silence.


Noooooo ;(¨

Stay or I will stop eating pizza


Cottontail agreed. Its surprising that a game with so many players has a quiet community.