°°°- - -°°° it is too quiet here


A lot of people probably doesn’t even know this discourse exist




Should create a community in discord.
I think that is a great idea Suey!
Thanks Suey - You’re Welcome :blush:
Aww such a helpful guy you are.
I do what I can. No big deal.
So modest too :blush:
Ahaha you’re too kind
Soooo - what are you up to later?
Ermmm…people are watching. Stop this. It’s freaking me out.

What was I saying?
Oh yeah - open up Discord to the world. Get with the times. Forums are soooo 2000’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


But Suey, there is already a discord community (not made by PB)
Wait, didn’t he know Turtle?
Apparently not Turtle
Hmmm weird
But you’re cute
Thanks :slight_smile:


The “(not made by PB)” part is key.

I wrote other things … but then deleted it.
Xylus discord server is just plain different cause there is no PB in there. Simple.


But Suey
There is PB people in there like O’rlyeh


Yeah but he doesn’t like people





Plus… If this was said in Discord with them all there… Then there would have been a witty retort by now.
But nooooooooooooo. They don’t see.





He saw O_O


Polaris is a bot though.
Doesn’t count.


You’re right





Forums aren’t exactly the same as a chat. Chats are much more chatty. And fun.


They used to do forum contest


Yeah I wonder, whatever happened to those??


Disney Heroes happened ;(

I looked at their forum, so much activity

PB made a post about 22 hours ago, over 750 clicked a single link on that post + 150-300 people clicked on the other links on the post

Btw their forum is blue/dark blue and much more cool looking ;(




I stepped out upon the bridge over troubled waters and found in the sound of silence darkness my old friend waiting…ooops, that was the bridge of Khazad-dum…and,well…you all know how that ended. CORDLESS BUNGEE RULES!