It’s that time... again


Time for sparky (and probably daisy) crit mage again :grimacing:

Oooooooooo Fun! :grinning:

Sparky is a focus hero now?

PL ends in about a day…

…guess who’s winning PL :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm… Epidemic?

It was nice talking to you.

I have also been on discord today too :frowning:

I guess I have to be slightly more drastic in my approach.
As I’m not coming back.

Any non chat app guilds out there need two proven war and pl micis?
I’m extremely lazy at fortress, to be faiiiir.

I’ll believe it when I see it :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe. Realm are winning at the moment but only 3k gap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just join Zombie Squad Mici :wink:

Dammit :frowning:

I was doing so well.
PESKY cold