It takes too many moments of clarity to change an addict

Okay, something just broke inside of me trying to spend enough stamina to reach progress rewards to get the bonuses. I don’t need anything. There’s no reason for me to collect the rewards. And no reason to spend resources trying to get them. It’s 1:30am. What the f–k am I doing with my life?

I wish I had the grapefruits to tell Samm to burn it all down, so I could look really cool lighting a cigarette on the flames as I turned and walked away.

Someone tell GP where she can stick her pie when she inevitably runs her mouth below please.

I won’t be popping back to check.
Cold turkey.
One step at a time.

F this game :rofl::sweat_smile: cottons retiring like a true pro
Gonna take a dump on the server then bow out like a champ
Took a supervisor role recently and im busier than a family of meerkats in a honey badger den :laughing:

  🤔 Ummm .... nah not far enough into the crazyzone to knit a matching reply to the preceding shennanigans 🤣
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