Items on guild wall vanish

Anyone having issues where pinned topics on guild walls disappears? Issue like for members who are excused. Every now and then they just vanish and even unpinned stuff vanishes.

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My guilds haven’t experienced it.
And those pinned messages are from the start of the servers so a lot over 1 year old.

But I have experienced missing messages but that was a year ago and only on war and only the normal messages and not the pinned ones

So perhaps you got someone doing it or it could be a new issue

People delete them?

Well, me and our leader did some testing. We did find that a champion or the leader can delete them. Anyone below champuon can not. But we are believing it’s a glitch as there have been a few time say after an update, whole sections disappear

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Leader, Commander and War chief
Is the ranks called

But it depends on where the pinned posts is
War chief can also delete messages but only on the War channel

While commander and leader can delete them everywhere


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