It's time for me to move on

I don’t feel the same passion for PQ that I used to, so after nearly 2 years I’ll be retiring.

My guilds:

Sovereign - A guild that I was randomly made the leader of. It was fun leading it for the first half-ish of my PQ tenure.

Crazzy Reborn - They gave me a chance even though I was severely underleveled. It was nice spending time with some old s3 friends.

Demonic Angels - It didn’t last long, but it had some great people and gave me a taste of more competitive wars.

Super Boopers - Playing with you all was probably my best PQ experience. We were able to top 3 war seasons in a row, and it was incredible to be a part of that. I’ll always hold a special place for Boopers in my heart.

I can’t do players justice with individual thank yous, so I’ll just list them. If I miss you then feel free to get very offended: Jenni, MJ, Jup, Karma, Viscount Slayer, Cleave, Bob, Octavia, Wiz, Mici, Jenk, Kitty, Lily, GP, Doc, Crazzy Slayer, Helios, Rowan, Fra, Druid, Mai, Chiky, Suey, Madam Muscles (Sovereign), Turtle, Raptor, Nova, Suii, IndigoHaze, Weapon X (tips hat)

Thanks for making the game so special. Special thanks to the Discord crew; in addition to giving feedback we had a lot of fun there.

Devs (again, very offended if I miss you): O’Rlyeh, Samm, Polaris, Iuls, Tony, Hawkeye, Elliot

May the game continue to improve and entertain.


(I might edit this later since I’m an obsessive editor).


Goddam - @Oasis_Is_Finesse is HOO?!?!?!?
I didn’t know this :joy:

All the best in the future matey! Maybe we shall meet again on another game?!? Who knows what the future holds.
I have lots a respect for peeps like you that put effort into giving feedback and mingling with the community etc.
Much love brother :muscle:

Yep, thanks for everything, you did us (Boopers) proud. Obviously perblue don’t want dominant guilds so they done us over, next will be Epi !!! Shame they’ve lost some good players and payers. :disappointed:

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Hmmm…I sense a conspiracy here…Cotton,Pix and now Oasis. What are you folk planning and will Suey and Turt have a part in it? Maybe @Polaris needs informed. :grin: Best to you, more than two years on any game is a long while!


FOFLMAO! I just can’t breathe from laughing so hard! F0cl2ing cat!

Perblue doesn’t want dominant guilds?

Xoxoxo HOO you will be missed. See you in the next one hopefully.

I’m so privileged to have been in a guild with you and to have learned from you. You’re a great player and a stand up guy. Thank you for making my last few months in pq fun and engaging. And for keeping me from quitting back in June when I thought I was ready, but really wasn’t. You’ve done a tremendous amount to make pq great and I appreciate you.


HOO, :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

PB doesn’t like other people to speak the true in Global n VIP chat, so thank you for YOUR PERMANENT CHAT BAN. Just the LAST STEP I NEED to help me to STOP frm spending here. THANKS for manually targeting the group that u hate.
Have fun all.

:heart::heart::heart::heart:SB4EVA, WILL MISS ALL OF U :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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This topic with close in a month after last reply… Lets keep it open. This goodbye resenates with me bc ive seen it over n over lately from those who’ve become dear to me through pq. Its a shame that pb has changwd in a way that some of the best players have come to the point of saying goodbye… I’m from s7 now s4 and see little by little, we’re going and its saddening. gL to u all in all you do. Ill keep my fingers crossed of k.i.t. with my pack.

People seem to forget this is a very small game, only a few thousand play regularly. All games like this have their ending.

There’s nothing special about a person who spends money to stay ahead.

You will be missed😞 thanks for always being helpfull, you have always been über nerd no1 in my book😊 sorry for copying your lines but they were too good not to😝

The amusing thing about this ridiculously misinformed statement, is just how wrong it is.

I wish I was half the player that @Oasis_Is_Finesse is.

If I was given the same resources as they had, he still would have been streets ahead of me.

Trust me, the dungeon divers and particularly the arena rewards countdown watchers are happy to see the main competition step away lol.

I will miss the rare 5am discord messages informing me of $5 deals with 2000+ stamina :slight_smile:


I’m an arena rewards person, never had an issue.

My point is being missed though. When I met him, he was a novice then all of a sudden he “caught up” and that makes him one of the best?

Nothing against him, good player but all I’m saying is spending doesn’t make a player great.

Perhaps you are right.

Mayyyyybe it was:

  1. The way he helped people in game
  2. His humour and general lack of sycophancy towards Devs
  3. His cute bunnies
  4. His charm and personality
  5. His humility and the fact he would be downright embarrassed to read this
  6. His lack of gloating, or shouting or attempting to sound like he was better than anyone else.
  7. The time that he made for people.

Orrrrrrrrr one of the hundreds of other reasons that have brought people into this thread , including the actual game developers, to say that he will be missed.


Pix: Nice yet mean. A very good combo. P2P is money wasted :wink:


I look at the small amount of money that I have spent here, over around 850 days.

(Seriously, people spend more a month on one account than I have spent in total. It’s scary!)

Across seven servers and I can’t even remember how many accounts and alts.

The amount of people I have had the privilege of playing alongside and getting to know.
The amount of fun I have had playing this game, and winding people up in chats and forums

Could I have saved money by not playing?
But I can look in the mirror and think the entertainment : cost ratio for my PQ adventures is extremely high in favour of entertainment.


Surely all have enjoyed your presence Pix, in all it’s sock puppet manifestations :wink:, help + humor + balance are always good. Also yours is one of the few claims of little spending I would trust. Keep having fun…at others expense bestly :grin: