July Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations

July Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations

In this update we have the July Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations!

New Hero - Hail Whale!

Hail Whale just loves all things cute and cozy. Like slurping down some squids, singing his favorite song, and pulverizing enemies with his ice magic powers.

Hail Whale is a Back-Line Damage Finesse Hero who will be the July Sign-In Hero on Server 1


Nice Storm
Hail Whale conjures the cutest ice storm you’ve ever seen, dealing Bleed damage to all enemies each second and Slowing them.

Natural 20
Basic attacks and skills have an increased chance to Crit.

Narly Frost
Hail Whale freezes the enemy with the lowest Energy Generation with a chilling frost, dealing damage to them. The enemy is also Fatigued and is Slowed.

Cut Down
This Hero deals more damage to a target for every percent Current Health the target has.

Epic Gear

This cool and tasty treat is a specialty of narwhals. Just watch out for those brain freezes.

Hail Whale’s Ice Magic has now reached sub-zero levels of cuteness. Narly Frost deals additional damage and all of his skills now leave enemies Stunned and Defenseless for a duration once their Slows expire.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

New Hero: Hail Whale will be the July Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Carl Nivore and Dragoon will replace Gate Keeper and Shield Maiden in the Arena Shop
  • Gander Ramsay and Valkyrie will replace Grimelda Reaper and Catapult Dwarf in the Crusade Shop
  • Hipster Hexer and Ice Berg will replace Gander Ramsay and Pesky Pixie in the Fortress Shop
  • Slow Moe and Aquamancer will replace Carl Nivore and Sparky in the War Shop
  • Tinker Tot and Serpent King will replace Hipster Hexer and Soul Phoenix in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

New Hero: Gander Ramsay will be the July Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Catapult Dwarf and Queen Bruja will replace Sassy Slasher and Ancient Siren in the Arena Shop
  • Happypotamus and Salty Merc will replace Bone Baron and Jelly Cube in the Crusade Shop
  • Tabbigail and Sprout Phoenix will replace Happypotomas and Noob Hero in the Fortress Shop
  • Sparky and Marvelous Magnus will replace Catapult Dwarf and Flint Lock in the War Shop
  • Grimelda Reaper and Warp Mage will replace Tabbigail and Forgotten Champion in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 11

New Hero: Silver Saber will be the July Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Twilight Archer and Loyal Squire will replace Ancient Siren and Light Warden in the Arena Shop
  • Sizzle Phoenix and Elder Mohawk will replace Splash Phoenix and Wander Woman in the Crusade Shop
  • Spark Phoenix and Howling Claw will replace Sizzle Phoenix and Highwayman in the Fortress Shop
  • Brutal Axe and Wandering Sword will replace Twilight Archer and Knight Errant in the War Shop
  • Old Alchemist and Hex Witch will replace Spark Phoenix and Brass Monk in the Royal Tournament Shop
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This update will automatically roll over at 5 AM CT on July 1.

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…another finesse hero…

Bleed, crit, slow, fatigue, stunned and defenceless?

I guess a whale is a status symbol…

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Character limit

No cap raise?

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I wouldn’t complain

Wait till next week

I think we’ll get a patch notes post about cap raise today, along with a new gold chest hero.


Sadly :frowning: