June 2021 Sign-In Heroes

June 2021 Sign-in Heroes

In this update we have the June 2021 Sign-In Heroes!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 1 + 8

Rogue Bowman added to Ascension, Rogue Bowman will be the June Sign-in Hero.

Server 11

All Ascension heroes added up through Rogue Bowman, Rogue Bowman added as signin ascension hero.

Sign-In Hero will not be claimable until June 5th. This update will automatically roll over at 5 AM on Wednesday, June 2nd.


:+1: Ascension on 11.

Wait. . . :joy:

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Catch up, bishes… :wink:

@Loutre will server 11 recieve more compensation on June 5th?

if we was to receive more he would’ve said so already and it would’ve been with the update tomorrow wadda

All poking fun at server 11 aside…

(Which is admittedly like shooting fish in a barrel)

To have 10 ascension heroes opened up at once…
And no extra experience and essence for the dual honours system…
Also… Good luck with that! :wink:




Hey but at least they added mega raid for … oh yeah only vip 8+ people :pensive:


Hi there! We’re going to be monitoring the progression to see if another drop is needed.

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Drop the requirement for mega raids …
Make it vip 3 or less
Freeplayers need love tooo you know
Hassled for this kind of step down on other features many moons ago but tbh no luck there

If theres a way perblue can facilitate this itd be fantastic

You lose no revenue at all doing so
Ive done the math on it and im sure my googly eyes saw the potential benefit to all below vip 8 and an increase in resources used thus reducing time in game and player satisfaction

I feel like a massive a hole having the ability to do mega raid when others havent the capability or real money to invest in a basic necessary to ascension feature

Ill leave it with you
But ill be back to ask again

And again

And yet again

And even after it goes quiet ill still be there in the shadows biding time till i ask again

So why prolong the tag torture games when we can all be amicable and appease the players unable to utilise a feature intended to be fair for all

Catch you on the next episode of cotton tags you till you give in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oddly, I have quite the opposite.
It’s a lovely warm tingly feeling.
I honestly don’t know how anyone free plays this game since orange rarity.
Certainly no one under VIP 8 can keep up without going insane now.
I had 500 trial resets and 800 tower resets until this weekend, and I am VIP… Over 8…

Don’t even get me started on epic forge.
At least there’s an item for that, occasionally.

A quick fix would be a similar consumable?
Rare enough that whales don’t grump at you, but common enough that people could get one a week / one a month, to burn through resets on quad day??

Stick one in the scraps contest rewards
Orrrrrr better yet the guild contest rewards, so people don’t have to go nuts to get it.
Might encourage these 5 person guilds to team up and take on the world!


Heck put it in a high tier of Portal Lords… :wink:

Want the whales to be quiet?
Put it in a tier with 10 (or 20!) trial resets…

High VIP get trial resets.

People that haven’t spent on the game, without auto choose do it manually, or the convenience others have spent for.

Harsh? Yes.
Appropriate? Also yes.

Better than the current system, for spenders and non spenders alike? Heck yes.


For the people who requested for consolidation of accounts, are they gonna get a response soon in their support tickets?

You will get nothing but the hope of The Great intervention soon and be glad for it!

And as usual … you see a nichė and come up with a much more suitable alternative
Glad my words led to that suggestion

A consumable to activate mega raids does sound reasonable compromise for customer/perblue

Either way it goes the assistance to players should always be considered regardless of their situations

Thanks mici :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The account consolidation tickets should be done tomorrow! You’ll have to be patient with us as we are a small team.

Edit: My bad! We’re going to be getting to them tomorrow!


The team just let me know that the content update did not rollover correctly so getting that fix into the server update!


Just posting more of an update for the account consolidation tickets. We’re going to be getting to them tomorrow, 6/3. This gives us a better timeline to make sure no issues occur with the server merge and you guys can log into your accounts that had been frozen to collect any last minute rewards.


When does the S8 crew get their promised extra help?

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