June Alt Amnesty Request

I propose new accounts should be accepted if you already have an account in the “new account” button, and keep consolidation request open 24/7.

Why? Because it’s been over a year since Mici uploaded the original Alt Amnesty Request, and Per Blue cleverly designed the 1/8/11 consolidation guidelines to prevent mass wealth with alts.

#AltAmnesty #AltAmnesty2021


I am 147 and I endorse this message.

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I think alt amnesty is a silly idea.

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It wasnt at one time…
Alts win wars and gift yourself a deal before buying on main is a double bonus for cheating the systems deal stacking


That’s the point. Alts = win.

Gift and claim on all accounts, merge to max.

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Remove the guild member cap. The current system is too biased against Alt2Win.

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Oh Mici there will come a day when you miss having a second account, I guarantee it :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh GP, there really really really…


I regretted making a server 2 account on the day I made it.
But I’d bought the monthly deal…

After that I was just addicted to the initial pre orange loop, because the high level grind was so awful

Little did we know how much worse it would get.

I would say I honestly don’t know why I’m still playing, but there is a great deal of psychology regarding time sinks and loss paradoxes and Skinner box mechanisms.

The worrying thing for per blue, @Polaris @Loutre et al, is that none of the other games that I have played, whether the ones I can talk about freely here or otherwise, have yet to create such a feedback loop.

Okay, I’m just one person.
But you’ve all seen just how much I’m here.
(Quite a few of you are a bit sick of it, I’m sure)


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Some would consider this a sign of it being a good game if players keep coming back… others wonder why there seem so few of these… Which companies stay true?

This is a good game.

Shame about the other four.

Five / Six / Seven , depending on how you’re counting…

Copies? Of copies?

Whether you count Math Jam, as it’s not really pitching at the same demographic lol.

Those are the active games.

Obviously these games are gone now.

As is Puzzle Force. RIP.

I was introduced to Portal Quest too late to have an opinion about DragonSoul, as it belonged to Gree(d) by the time I saw it.

Greed for Glory, Again… Maybe it was “the first of its kind” but by the time I saw it, I guess I must have played the imitators that had learned from its mistakes.

Titan Empires and Parallel Kingdoms were before my time sadly.

As for any other games I may have had the pleasure to play, I guess the development stopped when the developer lef…
tenor (1)

So. Yeah.
One game out of however many there are.
It’s not the greatest hit rate.

But I guess you can’t please all the people, all of the time.

Sock Puppet Empire forever ! The kingdom of the indestructable us’es and their cousins

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