June Sign-In Heroes!

June Sign-In Heroes!

New Hero - Sprout Phoenix!

The Sprout Phoenix is a mythical bird born from an acorn that fell from the last ever Wish-Giving Tree of Ember. It’s wisest to only ask a favor of this Phoenix in the most desperate of times. When the acorn fell, it fell quite far from the tree.

Sprout Phoenix is a Front-Line Tank Finesse Hero who will be the June Sign-In Hero for Server 1.


Rock Slide
Sprout Phoenix causes a rock slide where rocks fall down on random enemies. Each rock deals damage and Stuns the target.

Battle Hardened
Takes no damage from Crit or Bleed effects.

Stone Skin
Sprout Phoenix hardens its outer coat, gaining damage mitigation. Enemies that hit Sprout Phoenix during this time with a Basic Attack will have their Attack stat reduced.

Armor Proficiency
Ignores damage per attack. This cannot block more than half of the attack’s total damage.

Epic Gear

Seed of the Forests
An ancient gem that is said to heal even the most fatal of wounds. A heartbeat can be heard from inside when the sun first appears in the morning.

Rock Slide causes more rocks to fall on enemies, each rock deals bonus damage.

June Sign-In Heroes

The Hero update will happen at 5AM CT on June 1.

Server 1

New Hero: Sprout Phoenix

Server 4

New Hero: Silver Saber

Server 7

New Heroes

Server 8

New Hero: Old Alchemist

Server 9

New Hero: Forgotten Champion

Server 10

New Hero: Warp Mage
New Boss Dungeon: Dragon Heir!

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I agree with @Marchioness_Dane . Glad silver saber is coming to s4 !
The new phoenix seems pretty nice and the best part is : he is a tank :laughing:
He would be perfect if the skill “armor proficency” could get a little update. It doesnt protect the hero a lot now. Unless its going to change soon with the New hero :wink:


Added above for server 7:

Let’s see there’s fire, water, grass/rock, and electric. I see where this is going so it’ll be Psychic Phoenix.

Grass. Sprout penguin
Water. Splash
Electric. Spark
Fire. Spizzle

Rock. Spelunker penguin
Fighting. Sparring penguin

Psychic. Spirit
Orrrrrrrrr. Fairy. Spirit
Orrrrrrrrr… Ghost.

Wait for it.
(Can you guess?)

Spirit penguin.

Feel free to add more :wink:


Why not dark type penguin
Just call it shadow cause thats all it will be in my roster… Mr neverused :joy:

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Personally, I can’t wait to use only penguins to fight. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Pleeeaaassee… please, please :grin:


I love Megu Pengu!!!

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Me too actually ;-p
Cutest team ever!

It’s important to have priorities lol


So much for the “Oh we’re not doing anymore penguins talk” hahahaha.


What about lava penguin , electric penguin,and nebulas penguin.

They went with sprout and soul

And sadly not a James brown soul penguin either :frowning:

July sign in is almost here.

They are going to make the penguins important somehow and screw us free players who don’t use them.

Newest penguin will have some skill that increases the attack depending on how many other penguins there are.

It’ll probably be a healing penguin somehow too.

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The pink fluffy hearts give it away?

What about for Air? Valley Penguin maybe?

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