Just an idea for future


Just An Idea for the future. But it would be great to be able to see your guild members total power in the guild tab. As we can change to see team power, last active, contest points, etc. Example of where i mean in the picture

You can even add dungeon depths to c rankings with in the guild & push friendly competitions, idk, just think it would be awesome :smirk:


I was also going to request total power view in guild tab.


If only there was some sort of feature within the game itself where you could suggest ideas to the team…


well there is, if you click on your character in the top left you will see a button with share an idea on it. press that button to share an idea (duh)


Oh sarcasm, the most difficult and delicate type of humour. How well you hide…

That was kind of the point I was making dear


The “share an idea” button sends you to the feedback corner…


You’re letting the truth get in the way!!


Okay I admit I didn’t know that lol



This part is (trying to be) invisible


Lol @Pixie_Mici, you’re winning the forums today. I think you should get hired just to do running commentary on here. It’s thoroughly entertaining! :joy:


Oh dear.
Now I know people like what I say, I’m going to be insufferable… :wink: