Just Wondering about hero drops


For any who have also played DS; does PQ drop heroes in Gold chests or other freebies at a similar, slower or faster rate? Having just started and not used any of my free VIP days yet trying to get a feel for the game. Thanks to any who reply.


Yes, heroes and heroes shards drops in gold chest


There is a gold chest perk that can reduce/remove the drop of blue gear and other gear, so you will have a higher chance for heroes and better gear ofc


And better than dragon soul there are chests where you can get hero shards which is equivalent to DS soul stones.
In fact Gree did away with the all heroes soulstone chest and the hero makeup soulstone chest. I wish perblue would bring back a chest that gave you shards for anybody under max level and would not give you shards for Heroes at max level, because, I haven’t found anywhere you can get rid of those extra shards like the dragon soul SoulMart?


Guild perk?


Yes Guilds can buy differen’t perks that helps the guild or the players, and one of them is Improved gold chest.
There is really many perks your guild can buy

Click on Guild and then there is a button called Perk


Cloud: The shard/stone collecting ( Elite and shops is the grind way to summon ) seems maybe the same as DS, I am just wondering if the Heroes drop in Gold chests as often. I have received one that way thus far.


Sometimes dragonsoul can drop quite a few stones of varied and various gyros I think it has a higher drop rate than this game seems to have?,


Seems like it. And even though DS can field some stinkers also; I wasn’t much impressed by the recent Contest. Seems like maybe they are pushing people ( especially the f2p ones ) toward Dungeon with all the vials and cheap torches.


To be fair the server I’m on in dragon soul has 80 Heroes. It’s desperately rare anymore to get the newest hero that’s released from a gold chest, it’s normally the other 98%. I’m on server 9 in Portal quest and I’ve gotten more new Heroes released in gold chests than on dragon soul, in the three years I’ve been playing it, but I believe that’s because I started PQ dead cold and there were 30 Heroes.
That having been said, PQ seems to give out more Heroes and there are more opportunities. Remember from Portal Lourdes you get 10 finesse 10 fury 10 focus chests and those drop Heroes as well.
There’s nothing to compare in dragon soul. The orange and purple chests in dragon soul never drop a hero, gold chests only.


There is a lot of heroes
A LOT! more than 30 :slight_smile:
Don’t worry xD


Thanks all! Cloud: I recently had heroes drop in chests on
DS, but I’m on the newest server, a casual player and have only played a year. Don’t think I’ll be sticking with it much longer though; the filler fluff that gets passed off as improvement and players and Forum Mods conduct has become intolerable!


Btw guys
Dragon Soul is not owned by PerBlue
They sold it long time ago