Keeps freezing same part in normal campaign straight after the speaking bit on 3/3


I can’t complete or get past this level on campagn, everytime I have tried it keeps freezing in the same bit everytime, I get to fight 3/3 and at start straight after the characters speak it freezes and I have no choice but to retreat and go out of game, it’s been doing it for over a week. It’s really getting annoying now!


Try sending a ticket to support, in-game (if not already done)

To do this:

  • Tap on your hero portrait (in the top left corner)
  • Scroll down to “support” and tap on it
  • Tap the messaging icon in the top right corner next to the search icon
  • Describe your issue and send it


Yeah I have, I done it the 2nd day it done it and still doing it now and I want it sorted ASAP


This may sound silly, but hear me out…

I had this issue many chapters back and randomly found a solution that worked for me…

Do the level, and when it crashes, open your chat tab (Guild or Global) and then close the chat tab… it some how kicked the game back into action and i was able to complete the level as usual… Hopefully it works for you too!


Haha, I accidentally found the same solution myself a few days ago. So, maybe not so silly? :blush:


I have the same issue but when I try to even send a message to support, the messaging icon does not exist.
I also opened every chat but still didn’t work…