Know the tops have it tough. However,

I’d love to see the option to create a custom toon from pre-existing skills and epics.

Let’s face the facts, there’s little strategy to the game. Tops don’t test new lines to see what sticks. They use and/or modify lines that are proven to work. And they use these lines on repeat in the many duplicate game modes of 5 v 5 battles.

Which is why I’d like to challenge this mindset with custom toons. I’d like them to break free of the grind that plays itself to increase your numbers, and enter the world of strategy, like games used to be

There have been many tears shed after the sock puppet empire announcement, but they aren’t enough. I need more. I cannot end my thirst. I must have more.

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I’d like magpie’s white, energy sap, lion’s blue and resilient

Seems fair

Cannot argue with lion and magpie choices, for first hero.

Not tenacious for green?
Ooh! Detonate protection with magpies white…
That would be explosive, as long as shields removed before damage calculated.

Energy sap would work well with the multihit active attack, to be faiiiiir…

Butttt if it’s any green skill, I’ll take Healing Rays please :wink:

As for purple, Rampage sounds like it might be fun.
Life steal might also keep you alive longer, but not needed with Healing Rays.

Hmmmm… Payout…?
Another way to get the extra energy I’d lose from not having Sap.

Although tenacious and resilient would be nice.

Now @Specs , who are we stealing the white and blue skills from for the second hero?

Stroller white, energy sap, tabbi blue, payout, cleric epic could be very annoying :joy:

Players are strategizing? :exploding_head:

Guess it worked.

Nevermind. Forgot today’s 4th ascension star day.

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